Roger has been helping home buyers get into homes
for over 20 years...

Let him help you continue the dream of home ownership!

While still serving in the US Navy out of San Diego as an S-3B Flight Officer in the late 80's, Roger started selling homes with Century-21.  "A lot of my shipmates in the Navy were buying homes, and after the less than favorable experience buying my first home, I decided I could get into the business and really help a lot of people", quotes Roger.
After serving in Desert Storm Roger focused on home loans.  He has been in the mortgage lending business ever since.  He sure has helped hundreds of buyers with their financing needs since then.

Roger says, "Government (FHA and VA) loans have always been my specialty. These are perfect fixed-rate, low down payment home loans to help first time buyers take the first step of getting into a home. It's really satisfying seeing someone put the key into the door of their first home."

While other lenders were putting borrowers into ugly sub-prime loans during the late 90's through mid-2000's, Roger still focused on getting buyers into solid, fixed rate FHA, VA and conventional loans. Good thing he did too, since nearly every one of his buyers was able to stay in their home, while other's with subprime loans were losing their homes to increased payments.
Roger boasts, "Now more than ever it's a great time to be a home buyer.  Interest rates are low, and home prices are low and affordable.  It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a home owner -- or to continue the dream of home ownership with the purchase of another home, even if you previously short sold a home.  I want to help as many buyers as I can take advantage of this great opportunity if you are interested in purchasing."

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Roger Chandler