Our BOOMERANG Home Loan Program might be right for you!
 If you missed your Mortgage Payments

while you were Short Selling your Home

and its been over 12 months

 you may qualify for a Boomerang Home Loan.


This is ideal for previous homeowners with re-established credit

 who don't meet the criteria for Trade Up, Trade Down, Fresh Start,
 or were behind in their mortgage payments.


 First you need to complete an on-line application.

Next, you'll receive a call from Roger

to go over your qualifying critera in detail & run your credit.


Third, you'll need to provide additional documentation

such as drivers license, social security card, bank

 statements, tax returns, W-2's, and Loan Application
to get pre-approved for a Home Loan;
and complete a HUD-approved counseling course.


Upon pre-approval from Kaiser Financial Services, Inc.

you can begin looking at properties with your Real Estate Agent

in neighborhoods that appeal to you, at a price you can afford.

Finally, once your offer is accepted we'll

 order an appraisal and work with title to close.
Homeowners must qualify for at least all the following:


1)   3.5% down payment documented & available for new home.

        (can be a gift from a relative)


2)   580+ middle FICO Credit Score from all 3 credit bureaus*.


3)   If Short Sale or Foreclosure was 12+ months ago

        you can qualify with just a 3.5% down payment for FHA,

        and 0% down with VA (Veterans Administration). 


4)   If your Short Sale was less than 12 months ago,

        you'll need a 20% down payment for conventional loan.

5)   Historical Bankruptcy (in last 12 months) disqualifies applicant.


6)   If your Short Sale/Foreclosure loan was an FHA insured loan,

        you'll need 20%+ down payment or a waiver from FHA (Call us).


7)   Adhere to HUD County Limits on new mortgage.


8)   Purchaser(s) must qualify with normal FHA/VA income ratios.

9)  Hardship / Extenuating circumstances must have occured

         leading up to the short sale of your previous home to be

         eligible in as little as 13 months.


10) Complete a HUD-approved counseling course.



- Buy a home with $0 down (instead of 3.5% down payment) after 12+ months





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